Bedded down


The side yard bed and corner bed in the front are complete. Last night I installed a well for the crawlspace vent, smoothed out the soil, laid down 150' of soaker hose and attached a quad bibb to the spigot, and put weedblocker fabric down over the whole thing. It watered all night, and I’ll water it nightly until we plant. Hopefully, it’ll settle enough to allow me to till in an inch or so of composted horse manure, but that’s not a requirement.

That first pic is the side bed from the upper end. Down at the bottom, you can see the air handler that I'm going to try and hide. Probably with honeysuckle. From the lower view, you can see how the beds step down about seven inches every 10'.

The front bed wraps around the new crawlspace door. Throughout, I removed about 8" of soil, then replaced that plus the 7" depth of the rail tie with black loam topsoil. I should be able to grow anything.

Packing has started for the trip to what E calls “‘cisco.” Departure is imminent. I’m not looking forward to the flight, frankly, but I am looking forward to visiting the city again. Mom’s coming along this year to see the Left Coast, so it should be pretty awesome.

Ah, well. Back to work.