This week’s (unexpected) project

Meet the week’s project.

This was a purely unexpected one. Just before leaving for the beach, I was closing the shed doors and noticed that one of the trims boards on the front looked odd. I poked it with a tool and, lo, it was punky. Rotten as hell.

So I ripped it off, figuring to replace it when I got back. I started after we arrived, and promptly found that the entire framing setup and all the trim was absolutely full of carpenter ants. Ripped it all off, and built new doors.

While I was at it, I figured it was time to replace the steps I'd ripped off a while back, so I built new ones. And you know what? The cost of lumber has gone up along with everything else. The steps and doors, plus another two-tread set of steps for the barn, cost nearly $300! Just incredible.

But it's a better setup than before. The steps, previously a wimply 3' wide, are now a generous 6'. The doors are simpler and cleaner, made of paneling and 100% pressure-treated trim members. The hardware is all galvanized or powder-finished, the door fastens top and bottom to keep vermin out, it has internal stops for better weather resistance, a functional hasp and pin, and larger hook eyes on the lower portion for easy fastening. All minor stuff, but it adds up to a real improvement.

Just..expensive for what it is.