Happy Post-Mother's Day

Saturday was productive, marginally. I finished setting the railroad ties for the front north corner planting bed, and started digging it out. Actually, the soil in this bed isn't awful, just full of weeds, oak and sweetgum roots, and it's not sloped well. So out it came, and I raked the finished slope to the desired grade.

Errands in town were minimal, and were followed by Roscoe's birthday gathering at Bio-M-Bo's (which everyone regards as a strange name...we've resorted to simply calling it "bimbo's"). No live music, regrettably, but the adobado chicken was spicy, and the Negra Modelo was smooth, so that's okay. A stop by the Teeter for yellow carrots -- which we've discovered E consumes ravenously -- then home to bed.

I actually got L's Mother's Day present a few weeks back as part of a silent auction supporting a Charlotte teen theatre group. Yoga lessons. She's had one...if we can stop being sick, she can go back.

Sunday, eh...not so good. Finished the bed digging and headed to Lowe's for materials right before it poured a p all through town. At Lowe's, I'd planned on about $50 in materials to created a well for the crawlspace door, line it with pavers and build a new door. That turned into $175 for materials plus tomato and pepper starts, planting containers, and so on and so on. The rain started, and finished, while we were in the store. Missed it by that much, as they say.

Then off to Starbucks for Mother's Day desserts with Lynn and Steve. What's to say? It's Starbucks...which means it's passable, if not outstanding. Back at home, we hulled, washed and froze a gallon of fresh strawberries for winter consumption. Halfway through that exercise I had to stop and put up the dog and chickens, close up the house and warn the neighbors of a coming tornadic storm. Missed us by a couple of miles to the south, thank heaven, because it had golf-ball size hail (a fact the weather drones seemed to take great pleasure it repeating ad nausaeum). You could, however, hear the rushing wind over all that distance, which was a little creepy.

Oddly, this was the worst we got. Shrop, who lives about 2 miles northwest of us, got this. Strange weather.

The evening, and on into the morning, has been dominated by attempting to reformat and update an Inspiron 2200 for Bob. This has been an exercise.

I'd rather go dig clay.