Visiting San Francisco again

I'm in SF again leading up to this year's WWDC with a few days of vacation that I fancy I rather deserve. I'm more than a little disappointed not to have the family with me this year, but have soldiered on in the face of that fact (that's only marginally facetious...I really am bothered about it). Anyway, as promised to certain parties, images, video and linkage for the last couple of days.

First, the flight out. A big raspberry to USAir for not even bothering with a movie on a cross-country flight. :P In any case, here are the mountains and clouds Mom requested. After dealing with Enterprise (more expensive, but always more professional and quicker), I headed into town and went straight to Cha Cha Cha for sangria and dinner, followed by a lovely flán for dessert. Topped that off with a stroll down to Booksmith, where I had Cosmic Debris autograph a copy of Emily the Strange for Emma.

Friday morning, I bugged out for Davis at 6am to do this. After lunch in Woodland, I drove down to Cupertino for the traditional pilgrimage and a little geocaching. Afterward, I dropped in at the Burlingame PEZ Museum, sent Emma a postcard, then headed back to San Francisco in awful traffic. That evening, I visited Kamei Restaurant Supply (I'll be going back today for a more extensive appraisal), stopped in at Green Apple Books and found the first two books of The Dresden Files, then did some more caching at Fort Mason. You should see the community garden there! Amazing. It was dark, but I'll try to get back today for pics.

After that, back to the hotel, where getting parked took about 20 minutes (late arrivals for the weekend blocking the entire curb. Then posted up the pics and sacked out.

Today will be the Farmer's Market, a little shopping, some caching and a kayak trip!