It's Amazing Levitating Jesus™!

Went to church a while back for my nephew Wyatt's christening. St. Thomas has a beautiful sanctuary, and part of the Easter decor involved a large collection of flowers in front of a plain wood cross. Affixed to the front center of the cross was a bracket, from the end of which dangled a Christ figure plainly designed to be hung on a flat wall. The net effect was an image of Jesus levitating over a field of blooms, powered presumably by the sheer uplift of pollen.


I wish I'd been sitting more to the front, so I could've captured the full effect. It humorous, if well-intentioned. Oh, and to the right, you can see the amazing Klingon Vigil Lamp. This this I seriously do not get.

For non-Catholics, the vigil light is kept burning next to the tabernacle when there's consecrated host inside. Which is pretty much always. Growing up, our vigil light was, if I remember right, a small candle. Fine.

This thing, though, is brushed steel in the shape of a U with terrifyingly pointy uprights. In the center of the U is a cherry-red lamp with an electric light inside. The full sense is, as I noted, very Klingon.